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What is Ignition system? And How Ignition System Works?

An ignition system generates a spark or heats a conductor to an extreme temperature to ignite a fuel-air mixture in spark ignition combustion engines fueled and gas-fired boilers, rocket engines, etc. The widest application for spark ignition combustion engines is in fuel (gasoline) road vehicles: cars (autos), four-by-fours (SUVs), motorcycles, pickups, vans, trucks, and buses. Compression ignition Diesel engines ignite the fuel-air mixture by the warmth of compression and don’t need a spark. they typically have glow plugs that heat up the… Read More »

What is Car Fuel System?

The fuel system is formed up of the fuel tank, pump, filter, and injectors or carburetor, and is liable for delivering fuel to the engine as required. every element should perform flawlessly to attain expected vehicle performance and reliability. FUEL SYSTEM Elements Over time, an engine’s performance will slowly diminish due to buildup, which clogs very important components of the fuel system and causes reduced fuel potency and power. Fuel Injectors/Carburetors The fuel injector is that the last stop for fuel in your engine before it goes “boom!” within the combustion chamber. it’s essentially an electrically operated… Read More »

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

A power-train control module stands for PCM, is a component of automotive Technology, an onboard computer which is used on vehicles. It is a combination of the engine control unit (ECU) and the transmission control unit (TCU). It is also called the brain of the engine control system. On some cars, there are multiple computers: the Transmission Control… Read More »

Car Alternator

The Car Alternator performs the function to charge the battery and to give power to the electrical system while the engine is in the running position. Due to increasing headlights and other accessories, the usage of car alternator is very much. The old generators were not efficient. It was a separate battery charging system for the car then alternator… Read More »