Car History And Automobile Invention

Automobiles have been around centuries. It all started back when a curious Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, designed a three-wheel automobile, which used a steam engine for an engine. These were the bread crumbs for later in the future, and truly that is what they became. Many inventors followed the bread crumbs and built on what they knew inventing faster and… Read More »

Car Transmission

Practically all motor vehicles have a transmission, whether it is automatic or manual. The key functions of the transmission are to pass on the rotation of the engines crankshaft into a more usable rotational speed and to multiply the torque of the engine’s output. What does a transmission do? In vehicles, transmissions convert speeds and torques along the drive-train.… Read More »

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

A power-train control module stands for PCM, is a component of automotive Technology, an onboard computer which is used on vehicles. It is a combination of the engine control unit (ECU) and the transmission control unit (TCU). It is also called the brain of the engine control system. On some cars, there are multiple computers: the Transmission Control… Read More »

What is Power Steering? And how it works?

In automobiles (vehicles), power steering is also known as steering assist system (SAS) or power-assisted steering (PAS). It is a system for steering that uses power from the engine so than it helps drivers steer by augmenting steering effort of the steering wheel.   The aim of Power Steering Preferably, the power steering would do its job of… Read More »

Car Alternator

The Car Alternator performs the function to charge the battery and to give power to the electrical system while the engine is in the running position. Due to increasing headlights and other accessories, the usage of car alternator is very much. The old generators were not efficient. It was a separate battery charging system for the car then alternator… Read More »

What are Automobile Tire?

The automobile tire is a component in the round-shape. It is used to transfer the vehicle’s load to the ground with the help of axle. Most tires have inflated structure and used to absorb the shock as the tire rolls over. Modern automobile tires have very different materials than old one and more flexible. They include the natural… Read More »