About Us

Murtaza Khalid (nickname “MB”) (born 5 January 1994) is an Automotive Engineer, Web Developer, SEO proficient and Freelancer specialist, belongs to Faisalabad, Pakistan. Having good Automotive Engineering expertise, I am obsessively interested in the researching turf and working on the project to distribute my magnificent knowledge which I have achieved with the hard-work passion and enthusiasm. I would extremely please to share my knowledge, skill and expertise with all of you people.

I was 3 years old when I used PC for the first time. Afterwards, I begin learning day by day and was fascinated in website development. But regrettably, I was compelled to join Automotive Engineering. I wasn’t glad because I couldn’t be able to accomplish my vision on this track. But then a Face-book page (‘Humans of Pakistan’) where people tell their stories of success was became a rationale for me to accomplish my vision. After reading the story of Amir Iqbal, I have decided to gain knowledge of web development and SEO with the help of Sir Amir. After erudition, I decided to build my own website. It was so complex for me to select the niche to enter in online field then finally I have decisive to work on the automotive engineering and conclusively built my own website.

By the grace and blessing of Allah, I am a professional web developer now. From my experience, I have a message for youth, “if you want to accomplish your goal, first set your aim and think positive then work very hard and never give up, And Allah will terminate all the obstacles, complications, barriers and hurdles from your path and make you capable to fulfill your vision, one day you’ll accomplish your objective”. Thank you so much.